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Welcome to the jungle, Noteslicious!

Hi All,

Please introduce my new blog; noteslicious! Yeayy, finally after 8 years blogging on my previous blog, my hubby gives me a new blog using the top level domain. Aha, I guess this is my new year gift, anyway thank you so much my dear 🙂

Why Noteslicious?

Well, why do we pick this  domain name simply just it sound catchy, easy to remember, right? I thought that this compound word comes from the word notes and delicious, so just combine those two words become noteslicious by deleting the first syllable on delicious.

English or Indonesian?

Hmm, actually I still can’t make up my mind whether I will use English or Indonesian on this new blog of mine, maybe I’ll just combine those two language, or should I write something in Chinese too? Haha, maybe I could share something about Chinese learning if there’s someone out there need it.

A lifestyle blog or a niche blog?

I’m thinking about making a niche blog so I can focus to write about one topic, but the problem is I can’t decide which topic that suits me? LOL, My passion actually is on language learning and teaching and traveling, but recently food combining and minimalist lifestyle attracts really attracts my attention. So, making a sub-domain for each topic maybe suits me well. Yep, good decision Intan!

So, Ready, Get set … Go!

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  1. meninggalkan jejak dulu di sini. semoga selalu bisa menginspirasi via tulisan2mu ya mbak.

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